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Started in 2010, Heart’s Performing Arts has been steadily building for the past couple of years. Owner, Kaity Heart, wanted to start a music lesson business that focuses not only on proper technique, but also performance skills, which is often missing from a normal music lesson.  Using pop culture, humor and constructive criticism, teachers at Heart’s Performing Arts put a unique spin on the typical music lesson.



Our mission is to help singers and musicians become better performers with strong theory and technique; all while teaching a well-rounded, pop-culture-based, fun lesson.


Currently we only offer in-home lessons, but we would like to see that change!

Our 3-5 year plan is to open up a studio in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area to do in studio lessons with five teachers in-studio and have another five teachers out-abound. Our ideal studio space would have an area for a lounge/homework area, a stage for performances and sound studios for lessons. We will keep you updated on our progress!



KAITY   Owner: Vocal/Piano/Performance Instructor

EMILY    Voice/Piano/Guitar Instructor

Kaity Heart

Emily Galegher

Updates: April 2015 finds Kaity in a new role of a correspondent for Darkness Radio on AM1130. As of September 2014, Kaity is performing with Anthony Shore's Elvis Tribute as a backup singer and the lead female singer of Revolver and the Secret Agents.


Kaity threw her life away for rock & roll and hasn't looked back. She has been lucky enough to perform at Roy Wilkins Auditorium, The Myth and several Coliseums and Arenas around the Midwest. She also was a Minneapolis finalist for The Voice. Kaity Graduated with honors from University of Minnesota Duluth with a B.F.A in Musical Theatre and a Minor in Dance.


Kaity's talents are often requested by local and national bands for vocal performances as well as lessons and technique improvements. With close to fifty students locally, Kaity loves working with young, enthusiastic talent and helping form and guide their careers as entertainers.


Kaity's favorite color is sparkle and her favorite food is cheese enchiladas... and for desert, more cheese enchiladas! Her hobbies include watching Doctor Who, event planning and playing with kitties Gracie and Littler.

Emily has a B.A in Music Business and a minor in Music Education. Has been playing piano since she was 7 years old, and guitar since she was 12. While in college she focused on voice and sang in the Augsburg College Choir. After college she has been featured in many Americana and Singer/Songwriter style groups including The Lovely Larks with whom she still plays.


Her style is described as a mix of Bohemian and Hipster and like to look as close to Annie Hall as she can! Her favorite styles of music are singer/songwriter, bluegrass, folk, Americana and her heart has a big place in Rock and Roll.


Has a boxer pup named Kaiser McKool. His favorite TV show is New Girl. Sometimes Emily will watch it with him.

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NATHAN   Guitar/Bass/Percussion/Piano Instructor

Nathan Kinney

Nathan Kinney is a teacher with years of experience, knowledge, and passion for music. Throughout his career working in touring bands and recording projects, he has developed a keen ear and unique perspective on music, and brings this to his teaching style.

After getting a degree in Audio Engineering from McNally Smith College of Music in 2006, Nathan began giving guitar, bass, percussion, and piano lessons around the Twin Cities. In 2011, he began teaching and directing programs at Rock Camp for Dads and in 2014, he opened his own production house, Polarity Haus Media.

Nathan continues to play in various original and jazz projects in the Twin Cities. He has a dog named Stubbs the Destroyer and loves Doctor Who as much as Emily and Kaity.

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The word recital tends to send a chill down parents and students spines…a four hour long affair while everyone sits patiently while one by one each student stands up, walks to the stage, the teacher introduces them and finally they play; all while sitting in an uncomfortable church or school….


Gone are those days! We do all of our recitals at The Garage in Burnsville, a teen rock venue that give us a full stage with sound, intelligent lighting and a very fun atmosphere. Students wait backstage and play songs they have picked and that they love.  We even do a Halloween recital, where everyone (including the parents and teachers) dress up and our digital piano is set to a spooky organ sound.


In past years we have been lucky enough to perform at Mall of America for their Holiday shows in the rotunda. We announce our participation every year in October if selected.


Our Students have also performed at several venues around town including Steppingstone Theatre and Children’s Theatre.


The very brave and advanced students also try their luck at shows like The Voice, American Idol and America’s Got Talent. We have had students make it through 3 rounds of American Idol and 2 rounds in America’s Got Talent.  And our owner Kaity has made it to the finals in Minneapolis for The Voice after being selected by producers.


Wednesday October 22nd
Although Savannah did not bring home the crown, her performance was tweeted all around the world! Twitter followers praised Savannah as being one of the most entertaining performances of her night.

Students of Heart’s Performing Arts are equipped with the skills to perform in a number of different venues, performing different genres of music; all with the confidence of owning a stage!







It is very important to us when hiring new instructors that they have a good grip on what it takes to be a performer in the music or theatre industries. All teachers have performed professionally and continue to perform and gain new insight for their students.



We would love to take you on as a student! If you would like to learn more please leave the following information in your message: • How old is the student? • Where are you located?  • Do you have any preference of day or time of lesson? • What are your goals for your student? • What are their goals? • Have they ever taken lessons before? • What level (if any) of book are they in? • Do you consider them a beginner, intermediate or advanced student?


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We will not work with intense guttural screamers based on the high risk of vocal disorders. This singing style is extremely hard on your voice and we don't recommend this style at all. Disorders include: nodes, legions and paralysis all lead to loss of voice and/or surgery. It is recommended if you feel any pain at in your vocal chords to go see a specialist immediately.


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